SIP accounts not managed in sib_*.conf

I am working on a system and can add users via FreePBX web interface, but I am trying to figure out how it is setup. Sip show peers/users lists accounts, but no entries except the receptionists and trunks to IVR server ( freeSWITCH ) and Callweaver server in sib_.conf. In extentions_.conf I find reverences to a GRPList, but from what I find on google this has to do with the FollowMe app, not the DB of users and/or devices. Is this done with AstDB and how do I check. Where should this data be if I want to back it up?

Just use the FreePBX backup function. Also backup astdb.


I do not wish to backup. Its more a case of me wanting to understand the setup and config of the system I want to admin

All of the FreePbx settings are stored in the sql database. The .conf files are, for the most part, do not “store” any data. They are rewritten on the fly from the sql databases. The exception being the custom.conf files that can be edited directly.