SIP account number forwarding

Hi here.

I have freePBX version, and have registered sip account to it. I need to disable ability call forwarding from voip phones? Can you tell me please how can I do it to users couldn’t forward trunk account number to he’s mobile phones.

thank you

In feature code admin you can disable the feature code that allows you to setup forwarding. On the phone itself you also need to disable forwarding. (Unless if you configured the phone forwarding feature to use the PBX feature code)

Thank you very much, but would you please describe in detail) I can’t undertand. I have web gui of my freepbx.

In the FreePBX GUI under the feature code module you can disable the mentioned feature codes.
In the phone’s GUI,or if you use EPM you can disable the call forward feature as well, since most phones support setting up forwarding on the phone itself

Yes, thank you.
I found this feauture in my voip phones without doing anything in pbx.
thanks again

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