SIP account "No registration needed"

solved already. it was an issue with an leading zero.


I got from my SIP provider Cablecom an account which does not need registration. Authentification is made thru my IP.

If I use a standard SIP account from another provider my freepbx works fine.

If I switch to Cablecom without registration I receive calls but get an error message from freepbx that it have to check the number. Cablecom tells me, that they did not get a call request.

It would be a great help if somebody could send me what I have to put into the Trunk or the outgoing route.

Thank you!

Hi Werner
Did you get that to work? I am having the same problems like you have, or had :slight_smile:

You need to build a trunk that contains just the host IP of your provider, CODEC, context and the insecure=port,invite

You also gave us no information on the trunk settings you had tried.

Read up on “Asterisk SIP peers” so you understand the concept.