Single provider, 2 trunks, separate accounts and DID's

Hi guys,

Quick question regarding trunks.

Will it work if I add 2nd trunk from the same provider but with different account credentials and DID? I assume it would, same as HTTPS, just wanted to ask anyway.

This is from to my local FreePBX.


It is likely that only one of the trunks will be used for inbound calls. You may be able to work round this with the pjsip line option, but failing that, you may have accept it and rely on identifying them only by the DID.

It is possible but less likely, the provide will have difficulty separating the two accounts on outbound calls.

Generally it is better to have just one account with multiple DIDs.

Oh I see. I guess I could add one more DID… How can I handle 2 numbers routing?
I’m adding a tunnel for my parents house, 2nd number should ring there. Do I add inbound route?

If all your DIDs are controlled by a single account, you can do what you need with a single registration. Just create an inbound route for each DID and route them appropriately. Since uses multiple signaling hosts, you actually can have multiple registrations using different POPs and expect things to work both inbound and outbound using the separate accounts.

Hi Lorne,
If I separate each POP servers for each account I then technically should be able to successfully register it on FreePBX?
This will be used in my parents house, so all calls from this new account should route accordingly by an inbound route. I think it should work.

I would look at - subaccount option too!

This may or may not work, have to see how to setup this on the provider side.

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