Single CID matches two Inbound Routes. How to?

Dear FreePBX Guru,
I stumbled across the problem and was unable to find the answer on the forum. Possibly, it was answered before, so I would appreciate just a link to that discussion. The deal is I have a coupe of SIP trunks and I need to set up inbounds routes (based on Caller IDs) so that a single CID can simultaneously fall under two routes. However, those inbound routes have different priority. Namely:

  1. I need to filter out all incoming calls by country first. For example, _+7XXXXXXXXXX (General Route 1) or _+380XXXXXXXXX (General Route 2);

  2. Then I have got to filter out by a certain caller ID, for example, +79162582624
    goes to Route 3, +7929794562 goes to Route 4. All other inbound calls should go to either General Route 1 or General Route 2

With all said above it looks to me I may have a situation when caller with CID +79162582624 which call has to go to Route 3 may go to General Route 1, since his CID matches that General pattern.

Question – how can I avoid such situation? Does FreePBX has Routes priorities like Asterisk does?

Thank you.
With regards, Evgenii.

will explain why that is not a problem.

Thanks a lot for your prompt response. It makes now perfect sense.