Simultaneous rings on multiple phones


I have created 2 extensions, 2288 and 3388. And I am having 3 ip phones. I registered one ip phone with 3388 and the remaining two ip phones with 2288. Now i want to make a call from 3388 to 2288. And when i make this call i need simultaneous rings on both ip phones that i registered with 2288. Is it possible? If yes, then how to configure it?

You can’t have two phones registered to one extension.

Use different extensions and then a ring group to make them ring together.

But when I tried to register 2 phones to one extension, it got registered.

Sure but look at Asterisk info, it goes back and forth between the two IP’s.

Asterisk does not support multiple registrations in this version. The current Beta does and FreePBX will start supporting it sometime next year we hope.