Simultaneous calls per trunk SIP

Guys, would identify simultaneous calls per trunk sip?


Let me try: the number of simultaneous calls on a trunk can be different than the number of channels being used on that trunk. Generally, I try to limit a SIP trunk to half the amount of bandwidth the connection has to avoid overcrowding the IP space. Each channel can take up to 56K (depending on the codec), so if you have a 10Meg connection to and from the Internet (use the lowest number if you have an asymmetric connection), I wouldn’t try to use more than 100 channels on that trunk.

If your phones are all coming in on the same connection, each incoming call counts as a channel,. with the outgoing leg of that call being another channel. Because of that, it’s possible for your “call” to take two channels.

Having said all of that, you can look at “Asterisk Info” under “Reports” to get a feel for what’s going on.