Simple web gui for remote dialing

i want to offer my customer the capability to dial a number from his hardphone with help of his computer.
softphone is not an option (vdi), so i am looking for a simple web gui. the phones (yealink e.g.) offer a simple get-request to setup the call, so a simple website could realize this.
to build this page (i am not a designer) i would nee several hours, maybe days. but i thought that this might have been programmed already. do you know about a simple tool for this? this should be hosted on a linux-system (nginx) or in a docker-container.


You could try and look into using the FreePBX UCP:

But this is softphone Mode which wont Work Well in VDI Environments. I Just need Control over an existing physical endpoint by my (Windows)-desktop


Not what you are asking, but FYI, we use Citrix VDIs and so far, the Sangoma Desk phone works well.

Flash Operator Panel 2 | The best switchboard for the Asterisk PBX (

we are uing rdp to a very small terminalserver (which is already virtualized within proxmox), so i don’t think this is the best solution. on the other hand the customer are still old school and not very firm in handling digital life. so it is easier for them to have classic phones on their desks.
so when just dialing with another hotkey in windows some of them might use it. :wink:

fop2 seems very cool. will check it. thanks for the hint!!!


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You can use a browser extension like Asterisk Click2Dial for firefox. There is one for chrome as well. Neither is great, but they work. I’ve also written a script that I can use from the command line to initiate a call to my hard phone (or whatever phone I have configured for it to use)

FOP2 will certainly do what you want. We have this setup in multiple clients and it works well.

Just google “fop2 chrome extension” and goto the fop2 website.

will try the plugins as well. thx a lot!

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