Simple trunk and outbound route - how?


I am using trixbox 2.8 and would like to know how to setup a simple trunk and outbound route? My network is setup as follows:

trixbox server --> Redfone-foneBRIDGE (T1/E1) <**** T1 Line ****> Norstar PBX.

Right now i have 24 channels available when i perform a dahdi show channels in the Asterisk CLI.


I am not sure if i should be adding a “Zap Trunk (DAHDI compatibility mode)” trunk, or a “Custom Trunk”. If it is a custom trunk, what should my custom dial string be since i am going over a T1?

Lastly, which config files are written when i create the above? I would like to see if indeed the config files are being written.


p.s. i am a student trying to set this all up, so please bear with me :slight_smile:

We are helping you over at the trixbox web site.

Posting the same question over here is not going to get you any better results, simply a repeat of the process I am taking you through.

The student gets you less sympathy because you should read the documentation on context and then you would not have placed your trunks in a non-existant context.

I did not know that this site is dually monitored with the trixbox site. I apologize.

I am not asking for sympathy when i state i am a student, but rather patience.

It is by me, however that is hardly official.

Since Fonality choose to take the FreePBX name off of trixbox and call it a fork it’s not reasonable to expect the FreePBX folks to help.

It’s very encouraging that the developers preview of FreePBX 3.0 is being rolled on an ISO. Maybe this is a sign of things to come or I am reading too much into it!

I support trix users for a variety of reasons, that does not mean I support the direction of the project. I use real FreePBX, support the FreePBX project and took the official OTTS training.

As a student of Voip you will learn that it is far more flexible to install your own Asterisk rather than be tied to a distribution. The distro’s have also lowered the bar for entry into end user supported Voip and given the whole technology a black eye.

I don’t care what anybody says it takes an experienced specialist to install and maintain an IP based phone system, open or closed architecture.