Simple setup

I am looking for a simple and cheap way to use FreePBX as something like a voicemail to forward my cell phone calls too. I don’t mind paying for a number but I’d prefer not to of course but am wondering if I need one if all it will do is receive calls I forward to it and save the audio. I am completely new to PBX systems and am trying to learn. Any help would be appreciated Thanks

Sounds like you are using a hammer to drive a screw. This seems to be a perfect use case for something like google voice

I have google voice but it will not do what I want. I need to locally save all audio for the calls to my pbx. It is an experiment more or less. I want to get a call on my cell phone forward it to my system at home and it play a message and record the response. Any help would be appreciated.

Or perhaps even have an ivr to forward to.

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