Simple Question

I’m new at all this telecom stuff, but am real eager to learn. Here’s my question, my boss asked me to configre a phone for a client. He told me to check our account on Paetec and get a phone number from the pool we have that is not assigned to anyone. I found a number and wrote it down. Then I set about configuring a new Cisco 7940. I got all the extension information into FreePBX. The client will be using our PBX and has extension 1341 which is also the last four of his phone number.

I was able to make internal and external calls I assume because I am using the main company outbound/inbound route. But where do I go to define in the system that the number: 954-XXX-1341 does indeed belong to the extension 1341? And how come I was able to make/receive calls from the outside when all I had done was to put that information in FreePBX under “extensions”? Don’t I need to define that elsewhere???

If you’ve been successful in getting the phone to register, then to to “inbound routes” and set up the DID (954XXX1341) to point to extension 1341. I don’t know what version of FreePBX you’re using, but I believe in 2.4 and later you can enter the DID info directly from the extension setup page.


Is there a way to view the routes you already have? IUnder inbound routes I can’t seem to find one for that number.
Another technician set it up for me with an inbound route. However, under that option I don’t see the number. Is there an
Asterisk command that would list them? Is that what they mean when they say it’s part of the dial plan?

The 954XXX1341 won’t appear in your inbound routes until you create it. First, that must be a DID assigned by your dialtone provider. Then you go to inbound routes and at the top of the page add a description ( ie “Bill’s Phone”).
In the next box … DID NUMBER put 954XXX1341. Then at the bottom check the box marked extesions and select ext 1341.

All of your existing inbound routes are at the right of the page.


Thanks! That’s great!