Simple question about Dialplan

ok thanks will try to figure it out.

Not impress :frowning: i download max at 120 mbps and upload max at 20 mbps

That is not your problem, each g711 channel needs about 80kbs in and out, but anything blocked or delayed by your router/firewall will be a problem, look to your local ISP for any blocking/delaying tactics (often done surreptitiously by cable companies, they will deny it of course)

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I had my PBX hosted there for a while but was having really bad latency problems… Not as bad as you are but problems the same. I ended up bringing my PBX back in-house.

I have a ring group of 5 to 6 phones that all ring with an incoming call. Some would ring, others would not… some would start before others… On top of the fact that I’m using Polycom phones which are a pain to provision to a remote server.

Bringing your PBX in-house will help a lot with your delays. Go over to… get your self a used rack server with several drive bays and be done with it.

thx for your answer, my freepbx server was at my home last time with a intel i3 8 gig ram on a SSd drive was working super fine for all the phone in my home, BUT i had a big problem with the 3 other location, they were not able to connect to my server (even with all the good forward), maybe because of my router, i really don’t know, and BTW i’m computer tech for 20 years, i had a dyndns account to forward it to my ip, maybe i could retry it, because with them it work right away since they dont have any router, the virtual server is connected directly on the internet. I could try to change my router to a new one better, do you have any suggestion? Thanks again for your answer :slightly_smiling: