Simple dialplan problem

Hi all,

Hopefully a simple dialplan question…

At present, I have:

Match Pattern . Prepend 9
Match Pattern 9.

That works fine for phone numbers. However, I’m trying to setup BT call forwarding in the UK.

21phonenumberhere# to enable call forwarding
#21# to disable call forwarding

I’ve played with dialplans but no luck. Then went for a really straightforward dialplan - 2199999999# (where 999 is the actual phone number) However, trixbox still reports no available routes using :frowning: Any suggestions on a simple dialplan to get this working?

Just a little bump for any help possible! :

Just a little bump for any help possible! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately for you and many other like orphans, TrickyBox went to the great plains yonder a couple of years ago. Before they did that, they “forked-up” FreePBX to a point where only their forums are likely to be able to help you (if anyone goes there anymore), (this is probably why they didn’t survive)

What you try to do seems to be a “one off” thing to enable or disable forwarding and you might want to research a custom extension that will dial that string out of your appropriate trunk.

Local/21[email protected]_outbound_trunk

but you might well need to insert delays (w) as appropriate if these trunks are analog, dial *21, wait for dialtone and then send your request, you might to then wait some more for a confirming dialtone before hanging up.