Simonics gv trunk no dtmf

So I have my awesome GV Trunks setup with Bill Simon’s awesome setup. However I cannot do any inbound/outbound dtmf with it. I’ve currently got both my advanced sip and the trunk setup with dtmfmode=rfc2833 since if I set it to inband during a call I see an error that inband is not supported and I should use the rfc2833. Found that I even needed to set that at the extension level as well. It did work for one call but now testing it out again I get nothing.

Even on my inbound to my IVR you can push as many keys as you want and there is nothing. So it seems like the dtmf just isn’t going anywhere. I appreciate all the help with this and I look forward to finding a solution to this.

rfc2833 is correct. Do you have the in-call features turned on in Google Voice? (stuff like * to transfer, 4 to start recording, etc) If so, try turning those off. Maybe Google is intercepting your DTMF.

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Ok those were turned on for one of my trunks so I shut that off. I called myself to hear what it sounds like when I press a button on the phone and all I hear is a very small beep of the key press even if I hold the button down. So hmmm. Thank you Bill for helping me with this.

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