Silent Hold vs MOH Hold

Is there an easy way of putting a call on hold with an option for silent or with MOH. I mean if you are on a conference call and want to put the call on hold, you DON’T want to inject music into the conference. Alternatively, if it’s just a person to person call, you might want to do the MOH thing. Do any of the Commercial modules provide this facility. I would think that Asterisk/FreePBX would do this normally for calls to it’s conferencing facilities, but I haven’t checked.

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If it’s your own conference, the MOH option in the conference settings will override the MOH settings for the phones.

If it is for a conference on an outside system, you’ll need to set-up a special outbound route for that particular phone number (or group of numbers) and select no MOH in the outbound route.

I program my systems to use no MOH for all calls to toll-free numbers, since conference rooms tend to be toll-free.