Silent Call Recording per extension

I want to record an extension without the user being able to see it.
Optionally, I want it to be emailed to me.

The only way seems to be on the extensions page and the user is able to see it in his User Control Panel.

Apart from the fact that might be illegal in many jurisdictions, so FreePBX for liability reasons, could/would not expose that in the GUI,

should be already in your system. just add the -r option.

Thanks. I saw chanspy information but I thought this was possibly the wrong way to go about it.

exten => 102,1,Set(RingGroupMethod=none)
exten => 102,n,Macro(record-enable,102,IN)
exten => 102,n,Macro(dial,,${DIAL_OPTIONS},102)
exten => 102,n,ChanSpy(sip/${EXTEN:4},qr)
exten => 102,n,Hangup

I added the exten => 102,n,ChanSpy(sip/${EXTEN:4},qr) in the extensions_additional.conf file. Will this work?
I don’t understand the context properly. I want all call made to & from that extensions to be recorded.

I’m sorry,
A) I don’t know, but a quick look is that it won’t ,and
B) more importantly, No you don’t understand properly, you will have to fix that,
C) -r needs an argument, and finally
D) I won’t do that for you :slight_smile:

E) You can’t add it in extensions_additional.conf - it gets overwritten by FreePBX as soon as you “Apply Config”.