Silent announcements if I call in from trunk

So yesterday I had a really bizarre problem I’ve not knowingly had before - if I called into my PBX via my FXO ATA trunk, none of the IVR announcements or voicemail beeps were audible. The call connected and everything was happening in the background, just nothing was heard by callers.

If I called in via my IAX (so not involving the ATA) then I could hear the announcements perfectly. I made a trace of both calls, here. I went into work and reset the ATA (pulled the power) and when it came back it was working again as normal.

Is it possible to determine what was wrong and how to avoid it happening again? It’s a Linksys SPA3000 if it helps.

I WONDER if it’s the same sort of issue I’ve had with my home FreePBX instance and that I’m struggling to debug because that’s a Linksys PAP2T…


Sounds like one-way audio. Anything going on in you network that would block your RTP ports between the trunk/box?

Not really - and as I say - it’s pretty intermittent. It seemed to work well for ages then I got a cluster of it happening quite a bit. VERY annoying! :rofl:

What ports are defined in the Linksys for RTP?

Nothing specific - uPNP is turned on but I’ve never defined any ports

Is this applicable to your device?

If you’re suddenly getting 1 way audio, and restarting the devices fixes it until it happens again, you might be dealing with a NAT tunnel that is closing due to inactivity. If your system is registering to the device or vice versa, you can usually decrease the registration interval. These usually default to 1hour. If it is, I’d try a lower setting like 2minutes.

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