Silence when Sound Languages English - Australia (en_AU) G722 files played to Samgoma S700

I’m posting this here as this problem seems to be specific to Sangoma phones only at the moment.

I have some new S700 phones that I received this week. I’ve just cut the FrreePBX distro (latest version fully patched) running Edge over to the supplied sound language files. I’m Australia and installed the en_AU language files from Sound Language under Admin. I initially installed G722 and alaw files. The S700 is setup to use G722 as its default codec and is configured via Endpoint Manager.

When I go to voicemail (*98), for example, to test the new sound files, I get silence from the S700. The phone shows G722 on its display. The asterisk logs clearly show the g722 file being played without error. If I use one of my other phones (Siemens Gigaset using G722 or Bria setup to use G722) then I hear the high quality sound.

If I remove the G722 sounds (leaving alaw), then the I can hear the lower quality audio prompts. All of the other devices can as well.

Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this further? Is it a problem with the audio files, the S700 or something else?

I tried to work around this by converting the g722 to sln16 files. The files play back on the S700 without any issues but they sound like 8bit files rather than the 16 bit originals (not as clear).

This issue was resolved by installing Asterisk 13.13.

It was caused by a problem in Asterisk and potentially the phone and is discussed at the link below (several other phone manufacturers are affected).