Signal for external customer

dear community,

my setup is the following:

ext10, ext20, ext30


i have configured 2 ring groups. the first ring group 999 goes to 10,20 and 30.
the second ringgroup 998 goes to 10,20,30 and 40.

ringroup 999 = did 1
ringroup 998 = did 2

so now if the ringgroup 998 is active (incoming call), i need to see on the phone extension 10, 20 and 30 that this call comes in from did 2 (ringgroup 998).

is there any possibility to get this fixed?

thank you very much.

many greets, iceget

CID Prefix

hello, thank you.

where i must set this optoin? direct on the ring group, in CID Name Prefix?

thank you

You can either set it on the inbound route, or Set Caller ID module, or in the Ring Group.

Thank you very much!