Sig_analog.c: Starting simple switch on 'DAHDI

Hello everybody,

I see these message on my log file. Any idea what does it mean ?

Thanks a lot


114983 [2021-11-29 23:30:31] VERBOSE[28587][C-00000b88] sig_analog.c: Starting simple switch on ‘DAHDI/4-1’
114984 [2021-11-29 23:30:33] VERBOSE[28587][C-00000b88] sig_analog.c: Hanging up on ‘DAHDI/4-1’
114985 [2021-11-29 23:30:33] VERBOSE[28587][C-00000b88] chan_dahdi.c: Hungup ‘DAHDI/4-1’

The first means you have an analogue line, directly connected to a PCI card, on the fourth slot, and which is enabled to receive a (DTMF) called number before any dialplan is run, and Asterisk believes a call is arriving.

The second one means that Asterisk is clearing the call on that line.

The third one also mean the same, but is issued a bit later, in code that doesn’t care whether it is analogue, or, say, ISDN.

You can often see that if you have MWI enabled anmd your CallerID is poorly chosen. hook flashes and battery reversals will trigger it if not properly accounted for.

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