Shutdown and Reboot button does not warn anymore. No Submit or Retype

Just updated Freepbx Distro 2.9 to latest version.
I was showing some settings and explained to somebody that it does not matter if you press Reboot or Shutdown, because it gives you first a message.
But when I clicked, I didn’t get any warning message anymore.
Suddenly the system shuts down, or reboots. Without any warning or [type: shutdown] window.

It is a small issue, but you guys should know this new issue.

Thanx for the great work!!.

Also a question:
Will the old gui of 2.9 be also usable in 2.10, or must we upgrade to the new gui alway’s?
The old gui has a nice one screen overview, in the new gui you have to click a lot to see what is beneeth the dropdowns.

Keep on the good work!!!

What version of the Distro are you using?

I am using and after that I upgrade Framework and Coreto latest. (formerly

I just tested it on 2.10 and it works fine. I Don’t have a 2.9 box to try it on.


I tested it on multiple boxes with latest 2.0 version. And all these boxes show the same result. I think it is in latest framework update.

Can someone else please test this on 2.9. I wonder if it is your browser doing something weird.

I have a newly installed Distro system. When I press the REBOOT or Power Off button I get the following in a dialog box with and OK and CANCEL button, so it seems to work.

This action will cause the system to stop prossesing calls. Do you wish to continue?

Ok that is what I thought. Something on your browser must be ignoring this.

Thank you,

I suspected this also.
I will look into this issue more and will let you know.
Thanks for the answers!