Shows user is on a call when they hung up with them 2 hours ago

A user hung up a call and can make outbound calls and get calls from other extensions.

However it’s showing they are still on the outbound call they made 2 hours ago and hung up on.

Since it thinks they are still on a call, they cannot take any calls from the queue they are associated with

Is there aa way to clear the users call somehow to force it to update that they are off the call?

This is what I need to kill. What would I do next to kill it?

CLI> core show channels concise

This is the two rows that show the phone number that is still active even though it is not.

PJSIP/121-0001eaa8!macro-dialout-trunk!s!33!Up!Dial!PJSIP/[email protected]_Trunk_Oregon,300,Tb(func-apply-sipheaders^s^1)!8189077723!!!3!8544!53e07e1c-536f-4b9c-9587-8efc192f8db4!1546017279.3327264

PJSIP/Twiilio_Trunk_Oregon-0001eaa9!from-pstn-e164-us!!1!Up!AppDial!(Outgoing Line)!8183345711!!!3!8544!53e07e1c-536f-4b9c-9587-8efc192f8db4!1546017279.3327265

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