Showing previous Phone number when redirecting to Misc Destination


I have setup a ringroup with 4 extensions, a misc destination and an inbound route.
When a caller is calling the inbound route for example 123 456 80 (Our main number is 123 456 0) all 4 extensions in the ring group are ringing. After 15 seconds the call gets redirected to the misc destination (mobile phone).

Everything is working, but the problem is that the Phone number on the mobile phone (misc destination) displays the “main number” of 123 456 0 instead of 123 456 80.

Is there a setting to set the shown number to the actual called number?

Help would be really nice.

It should work like this by default. For the outbound leg of the call going to the mobile, the outbound route and trunk must be configured to allow any CID and the correct outbound CID will show in the CDR. If that’s not working, then you need to ensure your provider supports this feature.

You cannot do what you want with a Misc Destination. By default, it would show the number of the original caller (the same number as displayed to members of the ring group). In your case, that’s not happening, either because the outbound route or the trunk is forcing a specific caller ID, your trunk is not configured to pass caller ID in the format your provider requires, or your provider doesn’t permit sending a number that’s not yours.

I assume that you want the called number displayed on the mobile, so the user knows which department was called and can answer appropriately.

First, do a test by setting the Outbound CID for your extension to 123 456 80 and call your mobile. If the number shown is 123 456 0, find out where it is getting forced or not passed and fix that first.

Then, set up a Virtual Extension with Follow Me enabled. Put your mobile number followed by # in the Follow Me list, and set the External CID Configuration to Force Dialed Number. Finally, set your Ring Group to redirect to the virtual extension and test.

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I had a similar issue, the MISC DEST was NOT sending the caller ID of the originator, it was sending the caller ID of my SIP trunk (which I could not remove). I changed this by pointing to a ring group instead and adding the number you want called as the only entry in the ring group and then the caller ID worked correctly. Stewart1 then helped me to use the “set callerID” feature to modify the caller ID so I know the call was an emergency call though my IVR. Works great. (see “modify caller ID for forwarded calls” topic. I made all emergency calls start with 00.

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