Showing ip address in FOP changing /var/www/html/panel/op_server.cfg has no affect


Setting show_ip=1 in /var/www/html/panel/op_server.cfg has no affect now so I assume it’s in the database. Can someone tell me where this is set?


Using Centos 5.8
FreePBX 2.10.0

You are running FOP1 with Asterisk 1.8? It doesn’t work right. You should be running FOP2.

Anyway, FOP is not part of FreePBX and not stored in any database. You do have to restart FOP for it to read the changes.

When I looked at FOP2 it looked like a drop down from FOP1. It doesn’t look like it can show very many extensions at once. If that is not true then perhaps I will look at it. I tried doing a amportal restart which restarts FOP but still nothing. So perhaps I have a rights issue again. Who should own FOP for it to run properly root, asterisk, amportaluser?


Go take a look at the docs at

It details the challenges of running the older version on Asterisk 1.8 and also how to run FOP.