Showiing who's on hold on multiple phones

On our current cisco call manager system we have 3 set up where 1 person can answer a call and place them on hold, and it shows up on all 3 phones who is on hold and any one of them can resume the call. Is there anyway to recreate that on a freepbx/trixbox system.

I have searched to googler and haven’t been able to find a solution. These 3 operators are handling alarm signals for a monitoring company and they need to be able to answer a call, put them on hold and resume or answer another call. I’m afraid parking the calls will be to tedious where in this environment, every second counts.

I’m not exactly sure how the cisco system accomplishes this except that it only happens when a call doesn’t get picked up by the customer service dept and it rolls into the group of 3 operators where its a ringall.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks