Show ringing cid

dear community,

i have a question:
have buyed 4 snom d320 phones. all working fine.

but is it possible (if phone 1 is ext10) and any external number calls ext20,
that i see this. that meaned: when a call is incomming, can i see it on each phone for which extension it is?

thank you very much.

I really suggest you read and digest the wiki link above, It is all answered there . . .

(I also suggest that you do it at least twice because most miss important things the first time around, please don’t ask a question that has been asked a hundred times before or you might be ignored , there is a search bar thingy above for looking for such answers)

If I understand correctly, you have calls coming in straight to particular extensions (so I guess you’re using an IVR or DID routing or whatever) - when a call comes in, in addition to the “target” phone ringing, you want all the other phones to indicate that a call is “for that phone”. A BLF lamp for each extension (you have 12 on that Snom model, I think) would show that phone’s “busy” status but perhaps that’s not exactly what you want? Maybe try explaining your requirement some more?

thank you peoples. i have tried over hours to get all working. thank you!

yes the correct way was BLF, that i have configured, all fine :slight_smile: