Show dialer ID


Can someone help me to setup dialer ID that each user can dial and show their number when dialing externally?


Take a look at the DISA Module.

PitzKey I’m new to Freepbx could you please give me more details that could help?

This guide is how to configure

This is how to use and explains what DISA is

Once you done with both links and still have questions, post 'em here.

i assume that each person has a public phone number (DID). so just make sure that neither the outbound route nor the trunk override the extension setting, then set the DID in the extension setting and you should be good to go

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This assumes your provider also doesn’t override the outbound Caller ID. Set your Caller ID on the extension, then allow the outbound route and trunk to default to the extension’s Caller ID. As long as your provider isn’t “over-helping” you, you should be good to go like Bob said.

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