Show CID on BLF sangoma S705 phones

Hi All,
I want to know when i show caller ID on BLF
Example 300 calls 301 i want to show blf that 300 calling 301 on extension 302 so if i want to pick up i can

Thank you

When you program the BLF button in EPM, note there are additional alert options for Visual and Audio, that’s what you’re looking for:

Hi Loren,
Thank you for your respond.
i have setup this but what im looking for is this my ext is 3005 im monitoring 3004 so i have a BLF 3004 on my extension when someone call 3004 i get the beep on my extension but don’t show who is calling 3004 it just shows 3004 not the caller id.

What you’re describing @bajramia is exactly how our old Cisco phone system worked. I spent about a day trying to find a way to make our new system show this information, but had no luck - sorry I can’t be of more help. If you find a way to do it, please update this thread as I’d be interested in restoring the functionality for my users.

Are these PJSIP or Chan_SIP extensions?

all are pjsip

Then that could be the problem. One of the PJSIP limitations right now is not fully supporting RFC4235 which outlines the XML schema in the dialog body for this. This happens to be the part of the XML schema that is missing. So you won’t get the CallerID details.

I see thank you for update

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