Show caller ID when launching call via and extensions_custom.conf


I’m using extensions_custom.conf and to launch a call with a pre-defined message to an extension…

The action should:

  • Call an pre-defined extension (eg. 222)
  • Show a specific caller id (eg. Security) on the screen of the recipient
  • Play a pre-defined speech file

In extensions_custom.conf i added the following:
exten => s,1,Answer
same => n,Playback(soundfile)
same => n,Hangup()

In I have:
Channel: PJSIP/222
Application: demo_call
Extension: s

When i launch the script, the phone of extension 222 rings, but the caller id of the caller is blank (Anonymous Caller).
Is there any way to make the call appear as if it comes from a certain extension? Or is it possible to show a certain caller ID on the screen of the phone?

Many thanks


Yes, you can add an arbitrary CallerID directly in the call file.

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