Show caller ID for Outbound calls based on dialing pattern prefix


Our company makes Outbound calls from both United Kingdom and Israel. I want to be able to show our UK office number and our Israel number on the caller ID when calling out depending on a specific prefix.

For example:

If we dial our using prefix 5 before the number the caller ID would display our UK office number: 5 xx(Country code) +phone number
If we dial our using prefix 6 before the number the caller ID would display our Israel office number: 6 xx(Country code) +phone number

We currently have an Outbound route created that uses prefix 5 on the Dial Patterns section and forces the CID on the UK trunk to show the UK office number and it works fine.
So I created another Outbound route and another trunk for the Israel number and configured it the same way, this time using prefix 6 in the Outbound Route dial patterns, but when I make a test call it does not work.

Is it possible to use different trunks from the same provider since the trunk would point to single server IP address?
How can this be achieved?

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