Show called ID on forwarded call


Yes I live in Kosovo but we use prefix +383, +381(serbian) prefix but we have rights to use both of them I don’t think that’s the problem ?

P.s. I’m using 2 TRUNKS +383200070XXX and +38138606XXX

Are these with different providers? Two accounts with the same provider? Two numbers on the same account?

If two providers, have you tried sending the forwarded call via the other one?

Does your provider have any documentation on how to set up the trunk? If so, please post a link.

Asking you to ‘mask’ the number seems strange, unless they don’t permit you to send a number that is not yours.


Yes they are different providers, none of them have any documentations how to set up the trunk.

If the number +38138606XXX get callI’m using 10007XXX to call 049681XXX because it’s cheaper

Could you please post who the two providers are? Possibly, we can find setup examples (posted by users or resellers) that show a working configuration.

What is the per minute cost to call with your providers? Possibly, we can find another provider with good documentation and a fair rate.

Are you forwarding to your own mobile? If so and you have good data coverage, you could use a SIP app instead, which would be free and have no trouble passing the caller ID. If the data connection is inadequate for VoIP, it may be possible to send the caller ID over the data connection but use a normal voice call for the audio. What is the cost to call from your mobile into the PBX? If that’s less than the other way, the app may be able to trigger an outbound call for the audio path.

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