Show 4 digits Caller ID for an Internal Extension of 6 digits

Hello gurus :slight_smile:

I have an extension of 6 digits for internal calls only (no DID attached). When calling from this 6 digits to another extension, can we show only 4 digits as Caller ID by trimmming last or first two digits?

Original Extension No. 123456
Caller ID to show at anotehr extension: 1234 or 3456

Furthermore, incoming calls be also received at 1234 or 3456 only, rather than 123456.

I am running FreePBX


You can set your Outbound CID to be whatever you want, but you’ll have to do it for each extension/ring group.

Setting the Outbound CID to whatever we want, is just a matter of display. For example, if i set Outbound CID for extension 123456 to 1234, Upon redialing by the recipient, it dials back 123456 ratehr than 1234 only (which is another extension).

The matter is i want to keep the no. 123456 private and unexposed.

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