Shouldn't this warning be removed from the Interface


Shouldn’t this just say what port you are running on and get rid of the language about it being a NON STANDARD port - From experience and constant nagging from Dicko, I no longer run any of my Asterisk machines on 5060/5160 - It eliminates SO much hacking it’s not even funny.

Wouldn’t it be better to say “Good Job” for not using the standard port?


Further, the standard port for ssh is 22, the standard port for AMI is 5038, are these things also needing a caution if open changed or limited ? :wink:

Agreed - It’s a little thing, but still - keeping these boxes un-hacked can be challenging!

Not a little thing at all, 99.99+% of all attacks come on udp:5000-5999, that is just a reality :slight_smile:

Further they only ever come to your IP address , never your, again, if anyone can show me any exception, I would be more than interested as it would likely be an ''inside job" or one very clever black-hat :wink:

Any such prophylaxes are trivial (as previously documented)

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No one attacks the chargen service.

FreePBX should default to using port 19.

(You heard it here first… and probably last.)


Funny as that is, practically how would asterisk as an unprivileged user be able to bind to a port < 1024 without some sort of escalation ? Probably 1547 is traffic free though as are 48620–49150 still ‘unassigned’, 62000 to 63999 are my choice , ephemeral , private and unassigned and a netfilter port scan rule would long ago catch that dude.

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