Should yum update be run after each stable version release?

Always been afraid of yum update. I know it is allegedly pretty stable to use in the FreePBX distro, but just wondering how you all do it or better when you do yum update… frequency etc.



No, just use the update scripts. No need for yum.

Just because CentOS pushes out an update doesn’t mean you need it.

I will make a comment. If you expose the server to untrusted users then you need to develop your own security policy. Watch the CentOS changelog and if something looks like it has an effect on your environment then you might consider an off process update. You can also bring it to the teams attention via a trac ticket.

Thanks Scott.

And I am not sure if your comment is something that you have added to all of your comments (might not be a bad idea), but I am fully aware of firewall policies, exposing ones machine, whether a FreePBX or a firewall web gui to the Internet SIP ports to the wide open world etc.,and the problems such can cause!


Actually it’s new verbiage. It was mentioned in the context of yum updates.

The only off process updates will be from CentOS. The criteria for judging if you should install these updates would be from a security point of view first. Do they fix a discovered security issue? With that info you can judge your risk or wait until a roll up.

The same would go for a feature. I can’t imagine an OS feature that could not wait.

You can use the FreePBX module admin to keep up with FreePBX GUI updates.