Should preserve source port for outbound NAT be on for FreePBX?

My firewall (a Fortigate), has option when configuring outbound rule, to enable “Preservie Source Port”
Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 10.54.56 AM

Should “Preserve Source Port” be enabled for proper use of remote extensions on FreePBX?

I don’t think you need that. If that’s an inbound rule (dst-nat) you should also deselect that NAT toggle there since the dst-nat is done with the VIP.
Make sure SIP-ALG and SIP-Helper are turned off.

It’s an outbound rule, so I still wouldn’t need the ‘Preserve Source Port’ ?

(on fortigates if you want the outbound rule to actually allow internet access then you need the NAT toggle to be on for outbound rule; not for inbound rule since VIP handles NAT)

Correct, if it’s an outbound rule it’s fine. Just the heads up about SIP-ALG/SIP-Helper

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Should preserve source port be ON for INBOUND rules or off like for outbound? Thanks

I don’t think you need that option on. Make some test calls and work from there.