Should I use Cisco 7970 with SCCP firmware? Or flash SIP?

By chance is there a place I can get the FreePBX devs involved?
Sure I can find the problematic source update, but without a dev looking at it or commiting to fixing it, I really can’t waste too much more time on this problem. For sake of saving face with FreePBX/sccp compatibility it may be best if a FreePBX dev track this down and get a bit more involved in the chan_sccp v4.0 development. Thats really the best solution. Otherwise I may find it and say “oh look there is the update that caused the problem; how lovely” and then what happens? I can’t fix the source, so the problem will continue.

So where do I request a FreePBX dev to look at this now that I confirmed it is a FreePBX update that breaks it?

Here is the issue, none of the guys know anything about chan_sccp.

What we need to do is look at call flows (via the verbose trace, debug and possibly AGI debug) and see exactly what dial command that FreePBX is using that is causing chan_sccp to barge.

We can the create that in code outside of FreePBX and see if it is something that the chan_sccp guys want to fix.

As soon as it is identified I will document the FreePBX impacts (especially if the new code is needed to support Camp On or RPID functionality).

If we identify the change I will do everything I can to get the bug fix committed as soon as possible.

I work with Philippe and the folks in charge of the dev’s very frequently. All of us will be at the training in Naples in January.

Thats great! Is there anything I can do to provide that detail to you that is not already mentioned in the links above? I have provided CLI call traces and backtraces in those links. I am not sure what else I could provide. Perhaps best to setup a box/vm with the basics … FreePBX updated and the latest chan_sccp v4.0. You would need to have a sccp phone or a way to emulate one.

If you are not on the chan_sccp mailing list you can do so here:

If there is anything I can do please let me know.

I will look at the dumps you provided but the first time I did their did not seem to be enough details.

I have been on the lists for years, I only lurk.