Should I upgrade my distro, if so what path

I am currently running 1.814.210.58-2, according to the distro I am on an EOL build and while this might not be a big deal at the moment because everything is working I would like to be on an supported build and keep up to date for security and bug fix reasons.

The other consideration is that I am using QueueMetrics 13.04 that I am just now getting working after a long week of work. If I upgrade my FreePBX I really don’t want anything to break in QueueMetrics.

To the QueueMetrics point I am asking this question because they offer a module in FreePBX 2.11 for IVR tracking.

So my question is, should I upgrade and if so which and what would the upgrade path look like? I would prefer to stay on a stable branch vs the beta one but the current stable has FreePBX 2.10.

Sorry another thing to note is that we have an active PBX in one location and a passive one at another location. The plan is to have something automated on a daily basis so that the active restores to the passive. Each location has different SIP trunks and a different NAT address.