Should I Clear Edits From Postfix Before using Sys Admin email setup?

I am using FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-21 very successfully. I have just moved from slow as molasses static business DSL which allowed port 25 usage to higher speed cable, non business class dynamic IP, which blocks port 25.

When I first setup email for my voicemails and etc.,I didn’t have the commercial System Admin module and had to add email manually editing postfix’ and etcetera.

SInce port 25 is blocked, I now need to use something else and gmail fits the bill. So before I start trying the Email Setup in System Admin, should I take my and other modified files for manual postfix setup back to their default? I ask becasue it seems freepbx will over write them anyway…??

Thanks for any info!


Should not be necessary to clear edits. You may wish to keep a copy before System Admin writes out changes.

@lgaetz Thank-you! Good idea to keep a copy, but figured best practice was to clear my edits. Easy enough to edit again should the need arise.


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