Shortel 230's on FreePBX

I can’t seem to get a straight answer poking around the net. Can I or can’t Shoretel phones (230’s specifically) work on FreePBX?

If so, would any features be missing? I’m considering Implimenting it at a campus with about 100 Shoretel 230s and a heck of a license bill.

It uses MGCP, you will have a world of hurt getting anything but a very basic phone out of it in FreePBX (or even the underlying Asterisk) and you will have to do all that outside of any GUI.

Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know of a good similar option for phones? Approximate cost per?

What other costs would we be dealing with? We currently have a PRI that terminates at some shortel switch looking device, then goes to our LAN.

You will have a world of hurt making Shoretel do anything they don’t charge you for, consider porting your DID’s (no PRI’s required) to someone more incompetent and just eat the cost of replacing their outdated hardware, it will be cheaper and better even in the short run . . :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback dicko.