Short number methods, looking for better method

looking for good method for short numbers, i use second method but its not good
i know now methods:

****first method (good but wrong biling),
ext 13 my number
ext 25 shortcut to friend in german, custom extension, dial: Local/0049123456789@from-internal

on biling not so good, call by operator not found, only internal call
2011-06-29 09:28:18 Local/0049… rynga 0049123456789 ANSWER 00:00
2011-06-29 09:28:16 SIP/13-b70… 13 “13” <13> 25 ANSWER 09:00

****second method (dont like them too long number)
add to trunk
calling by: 000124 call to 0049123456789

short number not so short
its hard work to add all trunks

****third method (speeddial phonebook)

not works good with fritzbox, it using * for self