Short delay on incoming call audio

Hi again everybody,
I have T41p phones (firmware on a FreePBX (v12) system connecting to SIP provider. My issue is that when the incoming call comes in, there is a brief delay in audio. Eg. when the person answers and says “Hello thanks for calling”, you basically don’t hear the “Hello Thanks” part of that, so maybe about 1 second audio delay. This could be the establishment of the SIP call or possibly related to the phone timers. Is there anything in the phone configuration that could be adjusted to prevent this delay from happening?

I believe however, this is SIP related. It takes a bit of time when pickup up the call for it to get established and RTP to start flowing. I don’t have this issue when I use say an IVR to answer the call, because it has already been established. Anything you can think of if say I setup an incoming ring group delay?


Hi again,

I’ve heard others having similar issues. Could it be SIP provider related too? Or possibly just Internet latency? Any ideas on what to look for would be great.


One more thing…
I do have Forced Jitter Buffer Enabled. I wonder if this delays the audio until it begins to work. Possible?