Shell script for making a phone ring

Is it possible to write a dedicated shell script inside asterisk machine to make a phone ring ?
It would be to monitor an alarm or an event, just ring, no audio needed.
Where should I start from ?

Thank you

You might start by using your favorite search engine to research “asterisk script to make a call”.

A bit rough but works. Pass the digits you want the alarm to go to as the sole command line argument.

//include bootstrap
if ([email protected]_once(getenv('FREEPBX_CONF') ? getenv('FREEPBX_CONF') : '/etc/freepbx.conf')) {

if($astman->connected()) {

    $IN = $argv[1];

    $foo = array();
    $foo['Channel'] = "local/[email protected]";
    $foo['Exten'] = 's';
    $foo['Async'] = 'yes';
    $foo['Timeout'] = '8000';
} else {
    echo "AMI connection failure";

Alan, I tried many keywords in search engines but not yet your exact phrase…
It just returns me the Asterisk auto-dial out feature, where copying a simple structured file in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing makes Asterisk itself to execute immediately the call as per file instruction…

Igaetz, thank you for suggestion , a little more articulated but it worth a try !