Sharing outside to other server

Dear all,

This is what I’ve done :

  1. 2 asterisk server can call each extensions (IAX Trunking)
  2. Server A has WildcardS400P can call to outside using “9”
  3. From Server A , I made Miscellaneous Destination to extension 602 at Server B, so any call received from server A will be redirected to server B.

Here’s that I can’t do :frowning:

From Server B , I can call to outside ,at Server A.

Please give me direction.

Thank you


The trunk between the two machines needs to be in the from-internal context.

After 2 days trying to figuring out , I am confused…
Here’s that I do :
1.Create another IAX Trunk from Server B to Server A. Add Outbound routing with “9” prefix. With from-internal context.
2. Create Incoming route that used Dahdi trunk to call outside.

I know I should make IAX Trunk but IAX can’t use Dahdi . To use PoTS , I can only use Dahdi trunk , right?

I hope you understand

Help please.

The IAX has nothing to do with the DAHDI.

You setup IAX trunk between machines in from-internal context. When the call arrives at the machine with the DAHDI trunks you should have an outbound route that matches the digits received from the remote system and forwards them to the DAHDI trunk.

Don’t be afraid to prefix the call at the remote end to better identify it for the outbound route at the local end (you can add/delete digits in outbound route).

Does this make sense?