Shared voicemail with different message per DID

I have multiple DIDs that ring all staff - it displays on the phone so folks know how to answer an incoming call.

If no answer, they go to a shared mailbox, that staff can see/access via a BLF button. This all works well.

Now, ideally I’d like callers to hear a different message depending on the DID. But then still have any messages go to a shared mailbox, so they can be seen on the BLF and checked without having to dial and check 3 different voicemail accounts.

Can’t quite get my head around what combination of things might be able to achieve this - is it possible?

Perhaps back to lots of IVR’s send unanswered calls to a ‘voicemail blast’ extension.

Use a separate Ring Group for each DID. They fail over to separate Announcements, which route to the common mailbox (specifying no greeting).

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The third party module, dynroute would allow you to fork the call based on the value of ${FROM_DID} so that you could play separate Announcements and then all callers could go to a single VM Box.

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Aha - I had thought ring groups but Announcements was what I was missing, I had not used or discovered that before. Many thanks!

Did think of IVRs - not used them before - but I think Ring Group + Announcement is the easier route. Many thanks - I knew there was a way somehow.

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