Shared voicemail inbox no longer working after upgrade to 2.6

I upgraded to FreePBX 2.6 with Asterisk and my symbolic links to share an inbox no longer work. The users can log in and check the voicemail, but they do not get the MWI notification so they don’t know that there is voicemail to be checked.

If they log into the voicemail system and then hang up, the MWI lights up. It makes no sense. Here’s how I setup the symbolic links:

/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/203/INBOX - shared inbox.

<assume working directory is /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default>

rm -rf 204/INBOX
ln -s 204/INBOX 203/INBOX
rm -rf 205/INBOX
ln -s 205/INBOX 203/INBOX

If I leave a message in 203, 204 and 205 can check it if they log in, but they do NOT get an MWI notification and their phones do not light up. Polycom 330 SIP phones. These links were working fine before the upgrade and were not changed afterward.

MWI is pure Asterisk, if it was working before you upgraded Asterisk then check for new or added configurations for voicemail.

I think there is some new settings for polling voicemail in the newer versions of Asterisk but I can’t check that now. Look in the example configuration files for Asterisk for further info.

I hopped on their IRC channel and got help from voipmonk. He offered a simple solution that I can’t believe I didn’t think of. Change the extension’s mailbox to use the common mailbox.

Instead of 204 using [email protected], it uses [email protected] Same with the others. No need for symbolic links.

Actually, this doesn’t work. I thought it did, but the users never told me that it doesn’t work. I thought I tested and verified it, but I guess not. Any other ideas? Has anyone got this to work?

I just upgraded to a new version of Elastix which included asterisk 1.6 and my shared mailbox stopped working as well.

I found the fix based on this blurb about asterisk 1.6
"Restructuring Mechanism MWI (Message Waiting Indication – notification of new voice messages) led to the scrapping Options checkwmi file sip.conf and adding pollmailboxes in sip.conf and pollfreq in voicemail.conf."

I edited voicemail.conf (vm_general.conf for elastix) and unedited pollmailboxes=yes and pollfreq=10 (I changed it from 30).