Shared Voicemail and MWI

Hi there.

I am using 2.9 and asterisk 1.7 and have a question regarding how I can get voicemail working smoothly on my current set up.

I have 3 extensions set up:
6201 - Desk 1 (No VM)
6202 - Desk 2 (No VM)
and 6200, which has no devide attached and is used only for the voicemailbox.

I have Cisco SPA303 phones attched to each desk.

My Queue rings both desks and if there is no answer diverts to 6200 on Voicemail.

I want to set up the system so that if a VM is left on 6200, both 6201 and 6202 set the MWI. I also would like it if I could get 6201 and 6202 to dial the 6200 mailbox directly when the users press the Voicemail button.

Can anyone help?



Extensions Module.
Device Options section.
Mailbox field. Change this entry for ext. 6201 and 6202 to “6200@device” without the quotes. It should already read 6200@device for ext. 6200.
To get them to dial 6200 VM, change the VM command to *986200 instead of *97.

You may need to enable pollmailboxes in the voicemail admin module.


I wish to do the same thing as the OP but instead the Voicemail (6200) is in use with extension. I have set the 6200@device in the settings for the other phones wanting the share voicemail but when they get a VM the light doesn’t show up.

We are using Cisco 7941 phones.

Any thoughts please?

Ah it does work just takes a while for the other phones to kick in and pickup changes to the Voicemail status. Does anyone know how one could speed this up please?