Shared Phones

I’m trying to figure out the best way to deploy our phones. I have the server installed, but that’s mostly it.

We have a lot of different types of users. Some who will forward to cell phones, some who will use desk phone, some who will use a wireless handset (maybe). We also have shared office spaces. For instance, an office area might have 2-6 people in them depending on room and team size/needs.

If one team would share the phone, but also have their own extensions, what is the best way to do this?
Does the phone get it’s own account/extension, then I just forward the users extension to this phone?

The other use for the phones is an all page - which I believe is called auto-answer, just FYI.

maybe this is in the wrong topic?

I generally suggest that you only one person tries and uses the phone at one time. I would also keep the sanitizing wipes to keep the transfer of germs down.

That should make everyone comfortable sharing the phone.