[Share] Added indication for Hong Kong

Added ringing indication for Hong Kong


function general_get_zonelist() {
return array(

array ( “name” => “Hong Kong”, “iso” => “hk”, “conf” => “ringcadence = 400,200,400,3000\ndial = 350+440\nbusy = 480+620/500,0/500\n
ring = 440+480/400,0/200,440+480/400,0/3000\ncongestion = 480+620/250,0/250\ncallwaiting = 440/300,0/10000\ndialrecall = !350+440/10
0,!0/100,!350+440/100,!0/100,!350+440/100,!0/100,350+440\nrecord = 1400/500,0/15000\ninfo = !950/330,!1400/330,!1800/330,0\nstutter
= !350+440/100,!0/100,!350+440/100,!0/100,!350+440/100,!0/100,!350+440/100,!0/100,!350+440/100,!0/100,!350+440/100,!0/100,350+440”),

Please post this in the bug tracker as a feature request so that it can get integrated into the next release.

you can find it on the left hand side under development site.