Several SIP trunks simultaneous incoming calls


We are setting up a PBX with Asterisk and FreePBX.

We created 2 extensions (one for a Cisco IP phone and one for an X-Lite soft phone)
We creates 2 SIP trunks because we have 2 providers: one with one CID (CID1) and two channels and another one with 2 CIDs and 2 channels.

Everything works fine. We can put outgoing calls and answer incoming calls.

The problem we have is that all our clients call CID1 to joins us. We would like to redirect calls arriving to CID1 to the SIP accounts of our second provider in order to be able to receive calls until all our 4 channels are busy and then only redirect to a vocal message.

Any help greatly appreciated!!!

Many thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately you confirm what I was suspecting!

My current provider actually charges me 0.05 Euros for each forwarded call.
I’m thus gonna move my SIP account to another provider who can provide several channels for one trunk.

Thanks again,

You will need to setup an overflow number with your CID1 provider. Rather than the user receiving a busy signal, calls will then be forwarded to the provided number.

Take note that you may be charged by your CID1 provider for the minutes used.