Several issues after DNS change

We installed a system using our own DDwrt router and set the DNS in the system to,, And things seemed to work fine for several weeks. An IT guy came in and changed the network by adding his own server that is running DHCP and DNS on the network. Since then, these things are intermittant

  1. Using the Forward feature (*72)
  2. When using the forward feature, for forwarding a phone that is in a group and dialing the DID number that goes to the group there is no audio. The call gets placed bout no audio.

I have Sys. Admin module installed and I went in and tried to change the DNS settings to replace the to 192.168.10 to his DNS server and even tho I waited for several minutes for the page to change it never did.

Will this DNS change affect the system this way?

Thanks for any suggestions

What DNS servers do you have configured now? You should have listed first.

i don’t know enough about your setup so i should probably keep my mouth shut, but hey, i am tired and blabber away.

  1. if you have multiple dhcp servers running on the same network and the same vlan you will have unpredictable results as to what ip, netmask, g/w, dns,etc. are acquired by each device - get rid of one of them or put them on separate vlans. mutliple dns servers are not a problem as long as they update properly
  2. make sure linux has a good dns server address /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/eth0 (or whatever the designation is for your ethernet connection)
  3. freepbx sysadmin should show as the first dns server

Alan, is the first DNS

Only one DHCP server and it is at the same address as the local dns. I tried to change the DNS in Sys Admin GUI and it would not change. If I change it at system-network-config will that change it for freepbx?

and you should be good to go.